WLAN Services | Wireless Network Design, Implementation, Troubleshooting | Greenfields & Upgrades

Many enterprises underestimate the importance of an efficient Wi-Fi network that has been planned and designed by an expert in WLAN services (aka Wireless Local Area Networking). A growing infrastructure and increased use are just two factors that can quickly expose the shortfalls of a poorly designed wireless network.

At Free Space, our WLAN services help companies avoid problematic Wi-Fi deployments, saving time and money. We troubleshoot issues related to poor design and faulty configuration without even requiring the purchase of new equipment.

When an upgrade or expansion of a wireless network is needed, Free Space can handle the implementation and provide seamless integration with your existing wireless network.

Greenfield wireless upgrades may lack the constraints of an existing network, but they typically bear their own set of challenges– for example, clearly identifying the number of devices that will use the new network, what types of devices, how those devices will be used and where. The addition of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and AWO (All Wireless Office) adds another layer of complexity to the environment. Our experienced WLAN experts construct Greenfield wireless networks with the most efficient and effective design for your needs.

As a vendor-neutral consulting firm, Free Space WLAN Services specialize in a diverse selection of vendors such as Cisco, Aruba, AeroScout, Motorola, Aerohive, Meraki, BridgeWave, and Ruckus. We also incorporate the latest site survey and planning tools by AirMagnet, a Netscout Company.

Contact Free Space today to discuss how we can assist you with your Greenfield wireless LAN deployment or upgrade.