Real Time Location Services (RTLS)

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) make use of Active RFID and Wi-Fi technologies to manage and track assets, people, and workflows– resolve safety, security, and regulatory challenges– or even monitor environmental and physical conditions.

Active RFID technology is an enterprise-grade solution where an internal power source allows for continuous RF transmission between an RFID device and a reader. It allows for a longer range of communication than passive RFID, as well as greater data storage capacity.

Wi-Fi based RTLS solutions are often desirable because they employ the existing wireless network infrastructure and can prove to be a simple and low-cost solution.

For a wide array of industries– from healthcare to hospitality, mining to manufacturing, education to enterprise– RTLS decreases inefficiencies, cuts costs, reduces liability, and streamlines operations.

A secure, reliable, and efficient RTLS implementation can:

  • Provide safety and improve emergency response time for medical, catastrophic or high alert situations.
  • Allow for communication with mass notifications or location-specific messaging.
  • Monitor conditions, such as temperature and humidity in laboratories or other climate-regulated environments.
  • Track and document the compliance of tasks such as hand washing or maintenance routines.
  • Identify the location of high-value or mission-critical equipment at any given moment.
  • Integrate with mapping software as a cheaper and more reliable way to assure the safety of lone workers.
  • Reduce the incidence of shrinkage due to theft, loss, or spoilage.

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